JK System (JK)

In this system, three-dimensional punched panels made of galvanized steel plates are used to form the inner and outer walls. The walls are connected with a sufficient number of trusses. shotcrete is used on the surfaces and concrete is poured inside the galvanized steel panels walls and the ceiling is connected with rebars.

The JK Structure Construction System has been used in France for over 35 years now. It was first used for iconic and innovative projects like Disneyland Paris (Euro-Disney) or the La Pacific Tower (initially known as the Japan Tower) in Paris-la-Défense and has now long proven its performance, reliability, and sustainability.

The tower "La Pacific" in Paris-la Défense
The tower “La Pacific” in Paris-la Défense

Based on load-bearing walls and slabs, made of tri-dimensional galvanized steel panels and beams, the JK Structure Construction System allows for the time-labor-and-cost-efficient construction of the RCC raw-house structure, while offering numerous other benefits and advantages.

The JK Structure Construction System delivers cost-efficient and quality constructions, with an exceptional degree of thermal insulation, completed in record time, all-on-site and without prefabrication nor heavy or complex on-site logistics by a small and low-skill workforce easy to train on-site.
It facilitates the various steps of construction, from the securitization of its environment and its foundations to the construction of the raw house itself. It allows for the consolidation, rehabilitation, extension, and raising of existing constructions.


Easy implementation process and minimal logistics
• A simple method
• An easy implementation
• Easy to handle on site
• No formwork
• No heavy logistics on-site
• Small workforce
• Easy training process on-site

High performances from every aspect
• Structural resistance
• Architectural flexibility
• Built-in thermal insulation
• Fire resistance
• Seismic resistance
• Hurricane resistance
• Reduced dead weight

More efficient Site Management
• Faster execution
• Reduced interest burden
• Less on-site wastage
• Easy visual controls
• Easier supply management
• fewer overheads
• Higher performance and increased turnover

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